Studio Exhibition - Communication Design

STUDIO 1: TEXT AND IMAGE by Communication Design Year 3 Students

Project Brief

Image and Text project is divided into two assignments. In assignment 1, students were asked to identify social issues that they feel strongly about, and, create social commentary posters to respond to or express their view on it.

In assignment 2, which is the exhibition showing us now, students designed a set of visual branding items along the theme that they have developed in assignment 1 – using text and image as their primary design elements. Some in-depth research on their theme was done on similar themes/design strategies. The following work is through analysis and idea development, design a range of appropriate branding items for promotion of a campaign/ event for the theme/topic.

These new designed items are in unity with the posters in the previous assignment.

The posters (the exhibits) were included some of these items:
1. Backdrop/banners
2. Signage
3. Print advertisement
4. Bus-stop/ MTR/railway advertisements

And one from the below:
1. Invitation / direct mail
2. Super graphics / environmental graphics
3. Uniform / apparel accessories
4. Vehicle wrap graphics/ vehicle interior graphics, or,
5. Other appropriate design applications approved by tutors.

Tutor : Fung Hoi Yin