Studio Exhibition - Advertising Design

SD3862 Concept 3: Television Advertising - Project 2 
by Advertising Design—Year 3 (2016/2017)

Project 2: ICAC

The project required students to come up with a TV advertising which could make HK general public (with emphasis on younger generation) to think that they should not tolerate corruption and had to report to the ICAC when they came across corruption.

Presentation Requirement

The ideas should be properly put into a storyboard with appropriate mood reference, script and description.


To do so, students needed to carry out the following tasks:

1. Advertising strategy development (Project 2): Students needed to identify the problems and opportunities, to define the advertising objectives, to study target audience; and finally to come up with the proposition.

2. Creative idea development (Project 1 & 2): Students needed to deliver the proposition creatively, in order to effectively and efficiently engage audience and change their misperception.

3. Storytelling and craftsmanship (Project 1 & 2): Students needed to craft their stories with appropriate character design, story structure, art direction, copywriting, as well as tone and manner.

Tutor: KC Tsang