Summer Programme 2020 「設計搞邊科」

In view of the sudden surge of confirmed local COVID-19 cases over the past days and the possible outbreak in the community, we regret to inform you that PolyU Summer Programme 2020 (the Programme) will be switched from face-to-face to online mode to minimize the risk of infections. Please stay tuned and we will update the details asap.

(Edited Date: 16 Jul 2020)

For secondary school teachers, you can join the Summer Programme 2020 (Teacher).

Exams will be over soon. What are you planning to do in this summer?

If you are a Secondary School S.4-5 (Yr.10-11) student who loves to solve problems, innovates and has passion about design, here is the right summer activity for you to taste the design education in the university and learn the basics of design for different disciplines!

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WORKSHOP INFO (1.5 hours workshop)

Each participant can have the taste of working on both Two Dimensional (2D) and Three Dimensional (3D) designs while choosing the subjects they feel interested most: 

O  Workshop on Two Dimensional (2D) Design:-
Advertising Design or Communication Design
(Choose either one subject out of two)

O  Workshop on Three Dimensional (3D) Design:-
Environment & Interior Design or Product Design
(Choose either one subject out of two)

**Each workshop will hold 20-30 participants. If chosen workshop is full, the remaining participants will transfer to the other workshop.



6.8.2020 (Thu) 2:30PM-5:30PM – Introduction (30 mins per discipline)

  • Advertising Design at 2:30PM
  • Product Design at 3:15PM
  • Environment & Interior Design at 4PM
  • Communication Design at 4:45PM

7.8.2020 (Fri) 9:30AM-1PM  – Two Workshops (90 mins per session)
Participants will experience in both 2D and 3D design workshops during the day. 

  • Workshop Session 1 at 9:30AM - 11AM
  • Workshop Session 2 at 11:30AM - 1PM


Target:  S4-5 or Grades 10-11 students
Fee:  Free
Number of places:  100
Number of places per workshop:  20-30
Language:  English, supplemented with Cantonese
*These workshops are already registered as Life-wide Learning Activity (LWL) for new senior secondary curriculum. Local students have higher priority in applying the programme. 
Please stay tuned for more information.

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