Summer Programme 2019 「設計搞邊科」

Summer Programme 2019 is now FULL.

For secondary school students and their parents who is interested, you  can join Design 101 for Day Dreamers during PolyU Design Show 2019.

For secondary school teachers, you can join the Summer Programme 2019 (Observer).

We often come across with the word “Design”.  But what design is actually about? How can we apply design in daily life?

Here comes the opportunity for you to find out the answers! PolyU Design Summer Programme, a one-day programme for secondary school students to learn about “What Design” is by exploring different design subjects through various workshops. 

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WORKSHOP INFO (3 hours workshop)

Each participant can have the taste of working on both Two Dimensional (2D) and Three Dimensional (3D) designs while choosing the subjects they feel interested most: 

O  Workshop on Two Dimensional (2D) Design:-
Advertising Design or Communication Design
(Choose either one subject out of two)

O  Workshop on Three Dimensional (3D) Design:-
Environment & Interior Design or Product Design
(Choose either one subject out of two)

**Each workshop will hold 20-30 participants. If chosen workshop is full, the remaining participants will transfer to the other workshop.


O  Advertising Design - How to make water not just water? Come to the workshop, you will find the answer and see how these “desirable, yet invisible ingredients” are made. 

O  Communication Design - The workshop introduces some key aspects and methods of Communication Design. It invites the participants to think, reflect and communicate as they experience and explore basic design elements: dots and lines, shapes, still and moving images.

O  Environment and Interior Design - Paper Sculpture Workshop: Using the quality of paper to create pattern(s), form(s) and structure(s) in interpreting a chosen poem. 

O  Product Design - Come to experience and get to know what Product Design is about!


Group A and Group B will be running in the same format.  Participants will experience in both 2D and 3D design workshops during the day.


The participants will also be guided to appreciate the creative and innovative design exhibits at the PolyU Design Annual Show and have the opportunities to exchange ideas with our current students.


Target:  S4-5 or Grades 10-11 students
Fee:  $100 (Lunch coupon included)
Number of places:  100
Number of places per workshop:  20-30
Language:  English, supplemented by Cantonese
*Local students have higher priority in applying the programme. 

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