Public Lecture - Crowdsourcing Design Research

This methodology applies a Six Step Co-creation Cycle to crowdsourcing design research, facilitating the uncovering of biases and unique perspectives when formulating design research projects.

Design research is expensive and time-consuming. Planning of data collection in conventional design research inhibits quick testing of concepts in the early research phases.

The methodology presented in this lecture enables designers and design researchers to apply the Six Step Co-creation Cycle crowdsourcing methodology to design research using professional networking platforms. The method guides the design researcher though formulation of the challenge, selection of platform, monitoring of online discussions, synthesis of comments into findings as well as testing and sharing of these findings. It highlights the pros and cons and provides examples on how to use the methodology on projects ranging from incremental to breakthrough. Crowdsourced design research offers opportunities for inexpensive, quick exploration and experimentation with specific homogenous and heterogeneous groups of networking users.

About Søren Petersen

Søren Petersen founded ingomar&ingomar - consulting in 1993 and has since worked with international organizations in Denmark, Michigan, California and Korea, including Rambøll Group, Steelcase and BMW Group DesignworksUSA. He received an MS. Mechanical Engineering degree from the Technical University of Denmark and a BS in Transportation Design from Art Center College of Design and graduated from Stanford University, Center for Design Research, with a PhD in quantifying design, where he focused on developing metrics and decision methods for design concept selection in the conceptual phase of product development. He has presented and published 19 scientific papers over the past eight years, authored Profit from Design, a book on design quantification and now consults for corporations and universities, applying these developed methodologies to streamline their design projects.

Dr. Petersen also publishes weekly in The Huffington Post on The Creative Economy: