Studio Exhibition (7/F): SOME BODY

SOME BODY is a set of 10 selected logos done on the SD4465 Professional Practice course of the Product Design Curriculum conducted at the School of Design, of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, during 2017/18.

On this course students are tasked to do a series of assignments, this being one of them, which when added up make one consistent narrative that can define each of them as a brand. They are represented through photos which carry an obvious symbolism. Logo, a building brick of a brand, being a materialization of a set of intangible values, becomes more tangible and extremely personal when inked on author’s body and exposed to whoever.

BREAKOUT by Kelvin 

Body part where each symbol is placed is not random, it further supports the non-lingual message and the story being told. Finally, a choice made by each student is also represented, to transition from the point of non-belonging to a point of full membership to the group making a rite of passage, but on one’s own terms.

These marks, tattoos, drawings stand for individuality, hoping the observer will recognize to an extent, or fully, integrity of each author that turns her or him from some body into somebody.

LAW Ho Yin or ESSENCE by Mike, SUNG Man Chun 

Credit list

Photographer: Seewhy Ngchoyiu
Exhibition convener & art director: Marko Stanojević
Designers: Year 4 Product Design Students


Marko Stanojević