Seminar on Visualization by Roman Baska

About the talk
Mr. Roman Baska, Director of Photography of Salon Films (H.K.) Ltd. will going to deliver a talk on “Visualization”. The seminar will center around the use of 3D software in a process of film making (Drama, TVC, Animations) as a tool to:
• help selling idea of the film;
• assist creative and logistical communication during development, pre‐production and
Students will be introduced to number of software packages, specifically used in PREVIZ.

The speaker intends to give students inspiration to use PREVIZ. Other than in the area of filmmaking, it will be used in other industries as well. He will also touch on the use of PREVIZ in the areas like architecture, engineering and event planning.

About the speaker
Roman has developed his interests in photography when he was young. He worked as a photographer, assistant director and camera assistant. After finishing his B.A. degree in Cinematography, he gained recognition as one able to create a suitable style of cinematography while being aware of both the artistic and the practical needs of a production. For the past four years Roman has been based in Hong Kong and is part of creative team in highly recognized film production company Salon Films. He is shooting commercials, drama and documentaries. Films he has worked on has gained recognition in
Australia and worldwide including an EMMY Award for Best Documentary for "Exile in Sarajevo" in1998.

About Salon Films (H.K.) Ltd.:
As a leading film production company in Asia, Salon Films has added certain other important
values to the principles of growth and success. The technical division provides rental and
professional training services. It is serviced and manned by factory trained specialists. The audiovisual
Sales and Services Department is experienced in various audio‐visual projects.
Salon Films has cooperated with different clients including commercials and films., such as Coca
Cola, Cathy Pacific Airways, Twentieth Century Fax, Columbia Pictures, Paramount Pictures…etc.


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