Seminar on Motivation and Emotion in a Cognitive Architecture by Dr. Joscha Bach, from Humboldt University, German

Dear PolyU staff and students,

You are cordially invited to the seminar “Motivation and Emotion in a Cognitive Architecture” presented by Dr. Joscha Bach, from Humboldt University, German.


Date: 7 April 2011, Thursday

Time: 7-9pm

Venue: PQ002, G/F, Core P, PolyU


The Psi theory of German psychologist Dietrich Dörner provides a conceptual framework for motivated, emotional agents, with neuro-symbolic representations that are grounded in interaction with the agents' environment. This marks a difference to classic models of cognition, such as Soar and ACT-R, which attempt to tackle cognition as an isolated faculty and focus on models of problem solving and memory. Psi is largely qualitative, which is not necessarily a drawback, since most interesting and pressing questions in cognitive science still start with "how" and "what", rather than with "how much". Still, to put the Psi framework to the test, it has to commit itself to implemented models. MicroPsi is an attempt to transform the Psi theory into a set of computational models. It comprises a framework to develop and simulate agents using a spreading activation network formalism, and supplies simulation environments that can be distributed among networks of machines. MicroPsi also offers interfaces to physical sensors and actuators, so it can be used as a robot control architecture.


Joscha Bach graduated in computer science and philosophy at Humboldt University of Berlin, and received his PhD in cognitive science at the University of Osnabrück. His research interests include artificial general intelligence (AGI), cognitive architectures, mental representation, and perceptual learning. He has lead academic research groups in robotic soccer, social simulation and cognitive modeling, worked as an entrepreneur and product manager, and is currently a research fellow at the Center for Integrative Life Sciences in Berlin.

For enquiry, please contact Miss Ellen Yeung at 2766-5347.


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