Seminar on Lulan Artisans’ Designs

About the Seminar
Presentation would cover how Lulan Artisans designs and produces all natural textiles to create sustainable livelihoods to artisans, their families and communities in Southeast Asia. The presentation would describe Lulan’s for profit social venture business model and how the company is sustainable in four ways: environmentally, economically, socially and culturally. Also discussed would be how Lulan uses design and textiles in which to do social change and how design can be a transformative tool.

About the Speaker
Eve Blossom is the Founder and CEO of Lulan™ Artisans, designers and producers of sustainable textiles that elegantly merge original contemporary designs with centuries-old weaving techniques. She works in partnership with more than 650 weavers, spinners, dyers and finishers in small workshops in Cambodia, India, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam.

Having worked and lived in Vietnam in the 1990s where she traveled extensively throughout the region, Blossom renovated historic French villas and trained young architects on CAD for various infrastructure projects. Now based in Charleston, South Carolina, Blossom has been recognized as an Aspen Institute Fellow for her leadership in the state.

Blossom seeks to empower these artisans through an economic engine and celebrate their spirit, talents and traditions – giving them a strong voice for their future. Lulan Artisans integrates Blossom’s design sensibilities with her yearning to create social change and the company is charting new territory as a for-profit social venture. Lulan works closely with these individuals, paying sustainable wages, creating economic stability, growing local economies and assisting in other social benefits – such as education, housing, healthcare – as well as opening up new markets for their products.

Frequent lecturer on design and social change, trained-architect Eve Blossom is not only committed to environmentally responsible design, she is also intent on changing business methodologies to create economic options for artisans whether in Southeast Asia or in the U.S. She received her Masters in Architecture from Tulane University and has undertaken graduate studies in Business Administration.

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