SDSA Orientation Day for Freshmen

SDSA Orientation Day for Freshmen

The aims of the School of Design Student Association (SDSA) Orientation Day are:

  • to let freshmen have a deeper understanding about PolyU and School of Design
  • to let them be more familiar to university life
  • to provide peer support from SDSA committee members, and
  • to provide them with a chance to join the SDSA Orientation-function (Pre-Orientation Camp and Orientation Camp).

During the Orientation Day, the freshmen can:

  1. Obtain their Students’ Union Membership Card
  2. Receive orientation information
  3. Apply for SDSA Pre-Orientation Camp (18/08/2015) (Tuesday) AND Orientation Camp (20/08/2015 - 22/08/2015) (Thursday to Saturday)

For those who wish to apply for SDSA orientation function after 16/08, please show up on the Orientation Day.


  1. Please bring your school confirmation letter (web printout/ offer letter)
  2. Please bring your Hong Kong ID card
  3. Please bring one mug head photo

Both JUPAS and Non-JUPAS Students are welcome.