Studio Exhibition - Product Design

SD4463 Sustainable Product Design (2014/15)

Programme: Industrial and Product Design (BA) & Product Design (BA)
Project Tutor: Benny Ding Leong,  Brian Lee
Type/ level:  Level 4 subject (elective) for students from BA (Hons) in Product Design and BEng (Hons) in Product Engineering with Marketing

Aims of Subject

The subject aims to enable students to explore and practice product design with an understanding of broader social and ecological contexts. To devise a product which balance the environmental, social and economic aspects.

Through seminars, project and tutorials, students will be introduced to the concepts of Design for Sustainability (DfS), Eco-Design, Eco-materials, basic idea of Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) and sustainable product design strategies.

This year, with the sponsorship by the Shangri-La International Hotel Management Ltd. , a specific design competition will be organized.  


Shangri-La Re-Creates: The Search for the Best Upcycled Design
Design Competition sponsored by Shangri-La International Hotel Management Ltd.

Background of Competition

Shangri-La has a long-standing commitment to its CSR and Sustainability campaign particularly towards running a responsible business.

To enhance resource efficiency and effectively manage waste, the Group remains open to discovering new opportunities in product lines- especially those that have a unique selling point.  As Shangri-La has recently become more open to creative and innovative means to product design, it has been very interested in working with unconventional stakeholders such as learning institutions that invest in young designers who can turn what is perceived as ‘waste’ to a new generation of products that Shangri-La can showcase in their hotels. This not only feeds Shangri-La’s commitment towards a more sustainable supply chain and closing the loop on product cycles but also allows it to introduce new and exciting opportunities to its market.

Project name: “Carrier Camel” by Industrial and Product Design (BA) - year 3

Project name: “Pixel” by Industrial and Product Design (BA) - year 3