Studio Exhibition - Product Design

SD3770 Tangible Interface

Subject: SD3770 Tangible Interface
Offered programme: BA (Hons) in Interactive Media
Student group: Offered for BAIM & BAPD students
Project period: Sept-Dec 2014
Subject Coordinator & tutor: Brian Lee (SD)
Tutor: Chris Ma (IC) 

‘Interface’, works as a conceptual map, is a communication channel which connects object and user/ audience (e.g. user manipulating tool, electronic device, and computer, or orientating oneself with an object and in a space). It is a bridge providing operational information during decision making process and involving in the action feedback loop. On the other hand, it represents specific cultural contexts in which differentiates people’s practices, ways of seeing and even value judgment.

We are living in an analogue world for million years. We are used to connect with the world through representation of physical material world. In the contrary, embedded technologies has emerged in our daily life massively and unobtrusively. How interactive technology affects our life? How the technology works with human’s practice (lifestyle, value & culture) and benefits to future development as well as ecosystem? This subject will go to allow student who may critically make reflection on design and technology for a better world, and discuss and explore the limitation of analogue and digital representation.