Studio Exhibition (10/F) - Environment and Interior Design

SD2561 : Studio II by Environment and Interior Design (BA) — Year 2 (2016/17)

Project Site: Sam Chung Bridge
The bridges that locate at Sam Chung witnesses the change of Tai O. The two bridges were built around 50 years ago which were even earlier than the establishment of Sun Kei Bridge in the opposite side. It could be regarded as the earliest resident’s hand-made bridge in Tai O. Building
the bridge represented that the ‘Tang Ka’ indigenous developed another transportation system to the destinations when it is in the low tide period. As during low tide, the boats are confined to the se abed and the residents could not be able to cross the river. The bridges started at one
point and then spread to different spots and then formed a complex neighborhood network in three places mainly.

Project Concept: From Bridge to Living Space
When walking passes the bridge into the living space, we could feel the bridge smoothly merged and disappear into the housing complex. We were attracted by such interesting phenomenon, so in our later study, we analyze how such changes were achieved — through changing of lighting quality, size of floor, obstruction of views etc. The subtle changes of the space from a bridge to a living space makes this site interesting. At the same time, the subtle changes of the space, in terms of the use of space and the form of space, created a smooth spatial transition. Therefore, we tried to analyze and express this feeling by 1:20 and 1:1 models respectively.

Tutor : Michael CHAN, KUO Jze Yi
Student name: NG Sheung Shun & Henry IP Ka Ho