SD Student Works at Vivienne Westwood A Life in Fashion Exhibition

Exhibition Date: 1 Dec, 2008 - 31 Jan, 2009

A few student seating furniture designs will be exhibited at the Vivienne Westwood A Life in Fashion Exhibition.

Led by Dr Ernesto Spicciolato, Assistant Professor of Industrial & Product Design, students from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s School of Design created seating furniture, from the wooden box seats emblazoned with evocative statements, to modern, sleek furniture, these stunning works are influenced by various themes in Westwood’s works. Indeed, the various materials used – wood, steel, wire, wool and fabrics - are redolent of the eclectic nature of her work.

Participating students

Chan Oi Ning, Ivy
Cheung Sze Chung, Jeffrey
Chiu Kwun Yu, Enzo
Lai Wing Wai, Esther
Ng Man Kei, Maggie
Tsui Chun Ling, Betsy
Wan Sui Ping, Pinky
Wong Cheuk Fung, Trevor

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