Research Project Presentation: Wine labels design and brand positioning strategies: which graphic designs best speak to the Chinese wine consumers?

The lecture presents the results of an academic research and consultancy on wine label designs for the Mainland Chinese market. The presentation is open to staff and students of School of Design, Faculty of Business and School of Hotel and Tourism Management as they may find the project relevant.

A semiotic analysis of wine labels graphic design is used to identify the key brand positioning strategies adopted by imported wines in China, followed by an experiment among 1,394 Chinese wine consumers to test the perception of 8 labels presenting the same informational content but with different designs representing the positioning strategies previously described.

The result is to uncover the perception of package and graphic design across countries and to discuss the possible gap between designers’ communication intent and consumers’ interpretation when they do not share the same cultural background.

Franck Celhay is the primary researcher of this research project and has been a visiting fellow in PolyU School of Design in the past six months with the support rendered from FNEGE (Fondation Nationale pour la Gestion des Entreprises) and Montpellier Business School. This research project is also supported by three Bordeaux wine companies who financed the data collection and the creation of the labels used in the experiment, and the Bordeaux wine professional syndicate (CIVB: Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins de Bordeaux) who granted an access to previous market research of the Chinese wine market.


 Dr Franck Celhay, Assistant Professor, Montpellier Business School
peoyao cheng Peiyao Cheng, PhD student, PolyU School of Design
vivian li 
Vivian Wenhua Li, PhD student, PolyU School of Design

About Franck Celhay
Franck Celhay is Assistant Professor at Montpellier Business School (France). He holds a PhD in Marketing from Bordeaux University (France). His research is based around the interests in wine marketing, graphic design and semiotics and has been published in academic journals (Journal of Product Innovation Management, Food Quality and Preference, International Journal of Wine Business Research). As a consultant to the wine industry as well, he is invited to present in many academic and professional conferences, and most recently at Association Française de Marketing, Academy of Wine Business Research, Wine Economist Conference, Intervitis Interfructa congress, Vinitech.

About Peoyao Cheng
Peiyao Cheng is a PhD candidate in School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Born in Xi’an, China, she received her Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Design from Northwestern Polytechnic University, Xi’an. She earned her Master of Science from Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), the Netherlands, specialized in Strategic Product Design. During the Master study, she explored her interests in design research. After graduation, she came to Hong Kong and worked as research associate in School of Design for a consultancy project for Huawei Device. Co. Ltd. In August 2014, she joined School of Design as a PhD student. Her research focuses on the influence of product appearance on consumer response to innovation.

About Vivian Wenhua Li
Wenhua LI is a design practitioner and researcher. She holds Bachelor of Art from Zhejiang University and Master of Science from The University of Hong Kong. Involved in two different academic fields: cross-cultural communication and knowledge management, she profoundly aware the value of interdisciplinary knowledge. She has multidisciplinary work experiences related to higher education, media, design, and advertising industry. Her research interests include design practice, advertising, user experience, innovation diffusion, Asia Culture and cross communication, consumer behavior psychology and social media influence on consumer's attitude.