Public Lecture: "The X-Era: Experience Design in its Past, Present and Future"

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We are now in the X-era: the era of experience. There is growing awareness of the economic benefits that innovative experience design can bring to nations and organisations. The innovation can redefine the meaning, value and functionality of physical products and systems. It can transform them into highly integrated service systems able to enhance the sustainability and humaneness of our social and economic environments, while offering businesses a competitive edge. This lecture will first introduce experience design as a cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary area. It will then discuss the development of experience design in its past, present and future. It will finally conclude with implications for designers on how they can best equip themselves with knowledge and skills in experience design, for their scholarly and professional development.

About the Speaker

Prof Ming Cheung

Head of Design, Griffith University, Australia

Professor Ming Cheung is currently Head of Design at Griffith University, Australia. Prior to this, she worked in the University of Adelaide, where she was named a Legendary Lecturer and received 3 Teaching Excellence Awards. Her research centres on Experience Design and Interaction Design, with applications in visual communication; data analysis & information visualisation; digital marketing, advertising & branding; social media; product, service & system design; smart learning; and experiential tourism. Her strength is on designing and conducting interdisciplinary research, with both qualitative and quantitative research methods. She holds academic qualifications with First Class Honours or Program Distinction in Design, Law, Digital Media, Information Technology, Education, Psychology, Applied Linguistics, and Music. Over the past 10 years, she has led and completed 27 national and university grant projects and produced 31 peer-reviewed publications; 24 of them appeared in major SCI, SSCI or A&HCI-listed journals. She also has 2 sole-authored academic books forthcoming in 2019. She has received 3 Best Paper Awards in major international conferences, organised 19 conferences, delivered 50 keynote addresses and invited speeches, and presented 50 refereed papers. In 2017, she was named a Leading Researcher of Auckland University of Technology. In 2018, she was awarded by nomination the title of National Distinguished Expert of the Chinese Government. She started her career in the industry, having worked as Principal Consultant heading the division of user research and strategic design with 27 full-time staff in a design agency in Hong Kong for 11 years. She also worked as Project Manager leading and managing 56 government officers on a AUD87-million, 923-seat theatre construction project as well as designing and organising 47 events with more than 20 million participants from Hong Kong and abroad. She then joined City University of Hong Kong as Program Director of BA Integrated Strategic Communication, and received the University Teaching Excellence Award.


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