Public Lecture "Paradigm Shift for Design and Business Innovation: Product-Service Systems Design" by Yong Se Kim

Product-Service System (PSS)

Manufacturing companies these days face the challenge of paradigm change from products to total solutions to satisfy diverse personalized needs of customers and consumers. A Product-Service System (PSS) is a system of products, services, supporting networks and infrastructure that is designed to satisfy customer and consumer needs and to provide diverse values including experience values. By designing PSSs and corresponding new business models, product-focused revenue streams are diversified with new sources of after-sales use-related service revenues. This talk will introduce PSS design methods developed in the Manufacturing Servitization Support Framework project sponsored by Korean Ministry of Industry together with industry PSS design cases including IoT service design and service experience design cases.

About the Speaker

Yong Se Kim

Yong Se Kim
Visiting Professor, School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University;
Chair and Professor, Service Design Institute, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea

Yong Se Kim is a Visiting Professor of School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University for 2017. He will teach “Cooperative Projects” at the undergraduate level and “Special Topics in Contemporary Design: Product-Service Systems Design” at the postgraduate level during the visiting period. Yong Se Kim is the Chair and Professor of Service Design Institute and a Professor of Mechanical Engineering Department at Sungkyunkwan Uni­versity. With his graduate education at the Design Division of Stanford University, he taught at the University of Illinois and at the University of Wisconsin in US, before returning to Korea in 2000.

Yong Se Kim is a member of the Advisory Board of the Design Society, and the representative of the Asia Chapter of the Design Society. He is also an associate editor of the new Journal of Design Sciences. He is a member of the Service Design and Innovation conference committee.