Public Lecture on "Physiological Markers and Social Presence in Virtual Reality - Design for Experience" by Miriam Reiner

Miriam Reiner
Professor at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology and Head of the Virtual Reality and NeuroCognition Lab

Synopsis of the lecture
What determines the effect of the experience in virtual reality? What would be a valid measure of the level of the personal experience, beyond words and questionnaires?
The talk will focus on three topics: how multisensory integration can be used to create the illusion of being “present” in a remote location; what are the crucial cues for social presence and interaction in a virtual world; and mutual resonance between a VR and the self for enhanced cognitive skills – applications of Brain Computer interfaces (BCI). Two types of BCI will be described: training for control of brain activations, with several examples; BCI based on brain potentials correlated with errors with the environment. Conclusion will relate the above results to a smart environment which designs itself to stimulate and enhance the human skills and performance.

About Miriam Reiner
Miriam Reiner is a Professor at the Technion and currently a visiting Professor at Stanford. She is the head of the Virtual Reality and NeuroCognition Lab in the Technion—Israel Institute of Technology, and heads the Physics Education program. She has been active in the European Union research authorities and was granted several major projects on remote presence.