Public Lecture on "Fashion Design – Fabricating Familiarity – Art and Design and the Everyday" by Kain Picken

Kain Picken
Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia.
Co-founder and co-creative director of the international fashion and art project ffiXXed.

Synopsis of the lecture
The lecture will introduce the various activities of ffiXXed, how we have transitioned from
a collaborative art project to a seasonal fashion brand, discussing how we work as a collaborative,
cross-disciplinary practice. We will discuss how working between different contexts (art and
fashion) has informed our practice and at what points these two fields intersect, presenting
examples of previous projects, successes and failures. We also will discuss the underlying concept
and vision that drives our activities, including examples of other works that have informed our own
practice. We will conclude by elaborating on what we would like to achieve with our projects and
what broader ideas with regard to the consumption of contemporary culture can be addressed.

About ffiXXed
ffiXXed is a collaborative art and design project initiated by artist/designers Kain Picken and Fiona
Lau in Berlin, February 2008. Their focus is split between the production of a unisex, prêt a porter
fashion label and elaborating a series of new and unexpected forms of trans-functionality for
every-day basics.
In February 2010, after moving between studio spaces in Berlin, Hong Kong, New York and
Melbourne, ffiXXed established their own in-house production studio in Wutong Mountain, China.

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