Public Lecture on Exploring the Future: An introduction to scenario making and other methods to anticipate change by David Hamers


The future is open, but not empty. We don’t know what the future will bring, but we are not empty-handed, provided we think about what the future may bring. To do that, we can use a number of methods, including scenario making. In this lecture David Hamers will give an introduction to scenario making, focusing on urban planning and design. What is a scenario? Why would planners and designers make scenarios? How do scenarios compare to other methods, e.g. prognoses and speculations? How can planners and designers make scenarios?

About the Speaker

Dr. David Hamers
Reader Places and Traces, 
Design Academy Eindhoven

Dr. David Hamers is a spatial researcher. He was trained as a cultural theorist and economist, and in 2003, he obtained his doctorate at Maastricht University’s department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences with research into representations of the American suburb. Since then, Hamers has been working as a researcher in the field of urbanisation. He is a senior researcher for Urban Areas at PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency in The Hague, the Netherlands. His publications mainly deal with the development, design, and use of space within and around the city. In addition to his work as a researcher, he works with spatial designers and artists. Since 2009 he has been a reader/professor in Places and Traces (former readership City and Countryside) at Design Academy Eindhoven.



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