Public Lecture on "Entrepreneurship and Product Design in Mainland China : Secrets from Inside and Out" by Liu Lidan

Liu Lidan
Managing Director of Designaffairs China; Lecturer at Institute of Design and Innovation, Tongji University

Synopsis of the lecture
The lecture will cover two topics: Brand Shaping Products and Start a Design Consultancy.

Brand Shaping Products
"designaffairs” has provided service for many Chinese companies with a growing success for the past 10 years, while developing systematical approaches for a variety of tasks. Liu Lidan will introduce the approaches and tools of “designaffairs” through case studies, focusing on the design perception by semantic tools, ways of observing and grasping the holistic user experience, and the process of transferring from user research to product design. Liu Lidan will also share her experiences working in the Chinese market, the sparks that came with working along the Chinese design team, and the opportunities and challenges of the Chinese and Asian market under the fast development of customer perception.

Start a Design Consultancy
How to manage design projects successfully? How to maximize resources? How to integrate and manage an international team? How to get my first client? What are the possible difficulties in the first three years of starting an office, and how to overcome them? To rid the anxieties of starting your own business, Liu Lidan will share stories from her own experiences.

About Liu Lidan
Liu Lidan began her study for the Diploma of industrial Design at Essen University, Germany, in the year 2000. One year later, she became an industrial designer at Medion Design Center in Germany. After finishing her study in 2004, Liu returned to Shanghai and founded XLPlusDesign in 2005. XLPlusDesign later merged with Designaffairs Group, where Liu became the managing director of Designaffairs China in 2010. She has since led design teams to receiving more than 45 international design awards, including red dot, iF, Good Design Chicago, etc. She was awarded with Top 10 Young Creative Talents in Shanghai, and was a member on the design jury for the iF Concept Design Award in 2012. In the meantime, Liu has managed Chinese projects for Folkwang University (Germany) during 2009-2010, and has been a lecturer at Tongji University since 2005.


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