Public Lecture on "An overview of Design Led Innovation and its value in driving industry competitiveness" by Dr Sam Bucolo

Dr Sam Bucolo
Professor of Design and Innovation, University of Technology Sydney

Synopsis of the lecture
Traditionally, the answer to the question of what drives competitiveness and productivity in advanced economies has been the technological change and innovation embodied in capital equipment, but more recent evidence suggests that non-technological innovation is just as important, if not more so. Design Led Innovation (DLI), aptly describe the essence of intangible innovation. Being a design innovation organisation requires a company to have a vision for top-line growth within its business, one based on deep customer insights and expanded through customer and stakeholder engagements, with the outcomes being mapped to all aspects of the business to enable that vision to be achieved. The result of such an innovation process is the identification of a new market opportunity based around an identified latent customer need, which requires a new business model and strategy which will inform ongoing technology and scientific research and development. This lecture will provide an overview of what is Design Led Innovation, case studies of how it has contributed to a firms global competiveness, and some practical tools to challenge participants’ understanding of their customer and alignment to the firms strategy.

About Dr Sam Bucolo
Professor Sam Bucolo is a leading academic and practitioner in the emerging field of design led innovation, who has led several projects which has transformed business through embedding design capability within an organisation. Through multiple practice led and applied research projects, a better understanding of the relationship of deign led innovation to business strategy and organisation value is the core of Sam’s research. Sam has also consulted widely to industry, spanning the medical devices, consumer products, telecommunications, automotive and mining services sectors. Sam has published widely on the topic of the value of design to industry and has undertaken several significant projects with a wide variety of firms to be recognised as a leader in this field. As Professor of Design and Innovation at the University of Technology Sydney, he leads a team investigating the value of Design Led Innovation to the Australian Economy. Sam also is also the convenor of the recently established Australian Design Integration network and is an executive board member of the Cumulus global network.


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