Public Lecture on "About smart lawnmowers, intelligent bikes and close relationships - How digital media are changing our lives and the design profession in particular" by Jeroen van Erp

Jeroen van Erp
Partner and Chief Creative Officer, Fabrique

Synopsis of the lecture

The internet is rapidly changing the world. It influences the way we think, live, work and also the design profession. For industry and the design professionals it has always been important to develop products with a strong, targeted and distinctive character but the digital revolution is drastically changing the nature of this. Industry used to think in terms of transactions. In my opinion they have to change their mindset to developing close and durable relationships with their clients. The only way to achieve this is to cross borders and to move from just designing products to developing systems that can communicate with consumers at any time and any place. This asks for a different approach and mentality from as well industry as the design community.

About Jeroen van Erp & Fabrique
Jeroen van Erp graduated from the Faculty of Industrial Design at the Technical University of Delft, the Netherlands in 1988. In 1992, he was one of the founders of Fabrique in Delft, which positioned itself as a multidisciplinary design bureau. He established the interactive media department in 1994, focusing upon developing websites for the world wide web - brand new at that time.

Jeroen is currently CCO (Chief Creative Officer) and a partner, and in this role he is responsible for the creative policy of the company. He has also been closely involved in various projects as art director and designer. He is a guest lecturer for various courses, in the executive board of the CRISP program and a board member of BNO (Dutch Designer Association), the Design & Emotion Society and NAGO (the Netherlands Graphic Design Archive). He is a member of the Dutch Creative Council and in April 2013 he became a member of the Topteam Creative Industries in the Netherlands.



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