Public Lecture: "Digital Media in Therapy and Rehabilitation: Music Integrative Neurotherapy" by Dr. Alexandru Jon Graur and Giovanni Lion


This lecture explores the potential of spatial audio In the field of Integrative Music Therapy.

At the intersection between the science of music and neuroscience, we find ourselves in uncharted territory, where the musical structures meet the biology of our body and the fundamental laws of physics of our world. The investigation, we would like to present, revolves around the simple idea of extending the standard mono-dimensionality of sound (left and right) to the full three-dimensional spherical range using ambisonics.

By allowing this new degree of complexity and examining closely what goes on in the brain, Alexandru Jon Graur has developed a therapy protocol and musical composition paradigm that is able to address specific issues like depression, dementia, mood, personality and sleep disorders.

About the Speakers

Dr. Alexandru Jon Graur
Project Associate, PolyU School of Design;
Associate, Post‐Graduate School, Department of Psychology, University of Torino, Italy;
Member, the New York Academy of Sciences;
Music Therapist – Board Certified (USA);
Diplomate (P.A.P.) Physician Assistant in Psychiatry, Institute of Medicine, University of Bucharest, Romania

Alexandru Jon Graur

Alexandru Jon Graur, a graduate (Ph.D.) of the Music Academy in Bucharest, Romania (composition-musicology and instrumental music).

After a long career as a soloist, composer and teacher (in Romania, Italy, Germany, and Greece), he decided to dedicate himself to Music Therapy. Applying his own experience regarding the relationship between music listening, human physiology and psychology, he co-founded Medicamus Center LLC, the only company in the USA (New Jersey) to offer Music Integrative Neurotherapy™ and opened Medicamus Italiana in Turin the following year. He established Music Integrative Neurotherapy™ as a new method creating his own music to address various pathologies and customising it for each patient.

Giovanni Lion
Research Assistant, PolyU School of Design

Giovanni Lion

Giovanni Lion is an Italian technology enthusiast. He graduated in Organization Science and Information Systems from Bocconi University in Milan, where he was an active promoter of Linux and Open Source. After working for a year at SDA Bocconi Media Lab, he was hired as Facebook app developer by 77Agency, a new media agency.

He moved to Hong Kong in 2010 and was in charge of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation in his family’s trading company. After graduating from PolyU’s Master of Science in Multimedia & Entertainment Technology in 2015, he was mentored under Elan Roseman from on 3D audio and started working on an affordable portable speaker system for ambisonics. The second iteration of the project developed by 3DSND team, completed in 2017 was presented at Sonar Hong Kong and is currently being refined in order to line up production.


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