Public Lecture "Dutch Bike - mirror of Dutch Design" by Leonne Cuppen

Dutch Bike - mirror of Dutch Design

Dutch Design can be characterized as minimalist, experimental, innovative, quirky, strong in concept, and often with a sense of humor. It is rooted in the avant-garde movement De Stijl that started exactly 100 years ago, with among others the famous artists Theo van Doesburg, Piet Mondriaan, and Gerrit Rietveld. Many well-known contemporary Dutch designers such as Piet Hein Eek, Marcel Wanders and Maarten Baas were inspired by these predecessors.

Leonne Cuppen, designer, curator and one of the initiators of Yksi Design and Dutch Design Week, will give an overview of Dutch Design and show how Dutch Bike mirrors the main elements of Dutch Design.

Supported by: Netherlands consulate-general in Hong Kong and Macao
This public lecture is supported by Netherlands Consulate General in Hong Kong and Macao SAR.

About the Speaker

Leonne Cuppen

Leonne Cuppen

Designer, Curator

Leonne Cuppen connects designers with the industry, provides inspiration, gives directions and resolves issues. Leonne Cuppen was among the founding fathers of the Dutch Design Week and the Designhuis (House of Design) in Eindhoven. She curates, designs and realizes exhibitions that can be seen in other places in the world, from Beijing to Barcelona and from Moscow to Madrid.

Yksi Expo is an experience platform for design, which Leonne Cuppen curates and has a leading role, offers inspiration, indicates directions and exposing issues.

Yksi Expo organizes exhibitions in her space (600 m2) at Strijp S in Eindhoven. With great attention to Dutch Design, young talent and the relationship between design, technology, architecture and other art disciplines. In addition, there are workspaces and shops.


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