Public Lecture: "Designers Have No Limits"

In the design world today, you must be prepared to know it all…or do it all. The industry has evolved and designers must evolve with it. Branding + print is still crucial (print’s not dead) but with the world embracing technology, a designer must face these new challenges whether if it’s through Industrial design, Product (UX/I) design, or Immersive (Environmental/VR/AR) design.

Jay Demetillo originally started off as a brand designer but has grown and evolved to becoming a Lead UX/Visual designer for Grab, the ride-hailing app for Southeast Asia. Working at companies such as Twitter, Yahoo, Pinterest, Google Ventures, Grab and others, he’s learned how the design industry has grown, what the future looks like for design, and what it takes to succeed. Cliché as it sounds, every designer can say their work stands out but in reality, it all comes down to the students’ motivation and continuing education.

About the Speaker - Jay Demetillo, Lead Designer, Grab

Jason Demetillo, Lead Designer, Grab

With 10+ years of experience working in New York City to San Francisco and now Singapore, Jay Demetillo has almost seen it all in the design world. He's worked with  TwitterPinterestYahoo, and Grab. He's also worked on notable projects such as the Bay Lights, Gaspar Brasserie, and San Francisco's Park System SFPark. Jay is an adjunct professor at CCA in San Francisco and has taught/spoken in China for ACG. Educated as a print designer at first, Jay has pushed his career by evolving with the trends whether if it was motion design to UX design, he’s become the do-it-all designer and is ready talk about his journey.

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Cover Image by Jay Demetillo


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