PhD Seminar with Stephan Wensveen – Constructive Design Research / Aesthetics of Intelligence

Constructive Design Research (CDR) is a form of research that uses a design process to imagine and build new things and that describes and explains these constructions. CDR can be seen as a form of critique on various aspects of design. Stephan Wensveen will show his critiques of design, his care for design and how the constructions generated knowledge for design. He will share his ambition to extend the impact of research through design and to move from aesthetics of interaction towards aesthetics of intelligence.

Stephan Wensveen, Full professor of 'Constructive Design Research in Smart Products, Services and Systems' in the Future Everyday group, Department of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology 

Prof. Stephan Wensveen is full professor of 'Constructive Design Research in Smart Products, Services and Systems' in the Future Everyday group of the Department of Industrial Design at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e).

He studied Industrial Design Engineering (MSc, PhD) at Delft University of Technology. In 2002 he joined the Eindhoven University of Technology and helped in the start-up of the department of Industrial Design. In 2011 he expanded his horizon on multi-disciplinary design and Participatory Innovation when he joined the University of Southern Denmark. Since 2013 he is back in Eindhoven.

His initial research was on the relationship between emotions, expressivity and interaction design through which he helped introduce notions of 'aesthetics of interaction', 'feedforward' and 'interaction frogger' and he is co-responsible for canonical examples of Research through Design. He has always been interested in using the power of design to integrate research, education and innovation, co-establishing the /, the Wearable Senses lab and projects on Ultra-Personalized and on Smart Textile Product Services. Many of his papers are part of the standard curricula in interaction design schools and he is co-author of the book 'Design Research through Practice' and editor at the International Journal of Design.

His most recent interest is in the development of designers' competence in 'aesthetics of intelligence'.

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