Paper Offerings Culture in Hong Kong and Its Future — Conversation between Foreign and Local Artists 外國與本地藝術家眼中的香港紙紮文化

The world of paper offerings is a microcosm of Hong Kong that reflects the city's aspirations, obsessions and desires. Yet the public pays little attention on its cultural connotation. Australian artist Chris Gaul photographed and curated a selection of paper offerings and wrote an enchanting book For Heaven's Sake, showcasing their ingenious and creative designs in the eyes of a foreigner. In this talk, he will invite two local cross-disciplinary artists King-Chung Siu and Rosanna Li for a conversation on the paper offerings culture, and will give a reading guide for the design students.


Event Format: In-Person
Language: English
Registration Deadline: 14 Feb 2023

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Chris Gaul

Author of For Heaven's Sake, Hong Kong's Paper Offerings
for the Afterlife (joing via Zoom)

A visual designer, writer and curator who takes a particular interest in the material culture of East Asia. He was born in Australia and over the past fifteen years has lived and worked in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China. He studied Design and International Studies at the University of Technology and Chinese language and culture at Yunnan Normal University in Kunming and National Cheng Kung University in Tainan. In addition to working as a visual designer, he teaches at the UTS School of Design, curates exhibitions and writes and lectures on material culture and design.


King-Chung Siu

Chair of Community Museum Project

An art and design commentator, an installation artist, an independent curator, King is actively involved in arts policy and art/design curriculum development in Hong Kong. As past-President of the Hong Kong Society for Education in Art and a founding member of the installation group NUX, King loves to produce experimental videos, explore possible forms and approaches for installation art, as well as initiate collaboration among students, teachers, designers and artists through curating exhibitions and publishing projects, such as 'The Blackbox Exercise', 'Journey to the East '98', “Lo Ting Archeology”, 'Home Affairs', 'Cityscapes Reading Guide', 'Designs You Don't Know What to Do With', and “In Search of Marginalized Wisdom”, etc.. He co-founded the Designs You Don’t Know What to Do With Association and the Community Museum Project in 2002 & 2003 respectively.

King led the Art and Design in Education and Social Design Programmes of the School of Design and was Associate Professor and Associate Dean of the School before his retirement from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in May 2022.

在 2022 年 5 月從香港理工大學退休之前,蕭競聰為設計學院「美術及設計教育」和「社會設計」課程主任,為該學院的副教授,並擔任副院長。

作為藝術和設計評論員、裝置藝術家、獨立策展人,蕭競聰曾積極參與香港藝術政策和藝術/設計課程開發。早年為香港美術教育協會會長及裝置藝術團體八人入乂的創始成員,蕭競聰於90年代熱衷於製作實驗影片、探索裝置藝術的可能形式和方法,如參與「黑箱作業」、「東西遊記98」、「盧亭考古學」、「家事」 等展覽。千禧後積極發起學生、教師、設計師之間的合作; 通過策劃展覽和出版項目如「城市景觀閱讀指南」和「唔知做乜嘅設計」 ,「小作業、大智慧工匠展」等,進行教學實驗。 他分別於 2002 年和 2003 年與友人創立「唔知做乜嘅設計聯想會」和「民間博物館計劃」 等組織。

Rosanna Li Wei-han

Hong Kong Artist

Rosanna is a ceramic artist and an art & design educator. She taught at the School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University between 1990 and 2016. Some of her life-size public art works are currently on display in Yau Tong MTR Station, Lee Tung Avenue in Wanchai, and the Hong Kong International Airport. She is a collector of paper shoes for the deceased, and part of her collection was shown in the “Supermarket of the Dead,” an exhibition curated by Prof. Wolfgang Scheppe, at the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden Museum, Dresden, Germany in 2015.

陶藝工作者及美術與設計教育工作者。1990-2016年間任教於香港理工大學設計學院。她的陶偶造型生動傳神,在香港各公共空間所展出的作品,包括香港國際機場、港鐵油塘站及灣仔利東街等,均深受觀眾喜愛。她喜歡收藏燒衣用的紙鞋,其中部分曾於2015年由沃爾夫岡.謝珀(Wolfgang Scheppe)教授策展的《冥間超市》展覽中(德國德勒斯登博物館)展出。


Brian Kwok, Associate Professor of School of Design, PolyU


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