Studio Exhibition (6/F): Pangram –Lipogram | A Type Poster To Challenge Legibility

Subject:  Typography 1
Tutor:      Rodrigo Ramírez

About Typography 1
Typography can be defined as ‘language made visible’. It is a foundational resource upon which the communication design profession is built. At PolyU, this subject is based on the premise that typography is situated at the crossroads between language, technology, aesthetics and culture. It introduces students to the use of Western–Latin– typography in communication design.

During the course, students explore and connect the relationship between form (the visual language) and content (the written language), crossing historical, technical and language topics, as well as the contexts in which typographic communication exists.

Both normative and expressive approaches to designing with type are considered. In the case of this exhibition, students were challenged to solve the problem of using typography for two scales: to be seen (for display – distance) and to be read (type for text - close). They were asked to challenge legibility rules, choosing a pangram or a lipogram as a text content to be composed as a typographic poster.

About the assignment
As the final assignment for the course, the main task was to experiment with type scales through the integration of concepts and practice acquired during the course. To solve this, they had to review and apply basic typographic principles: styles, pro­portion, contrast and related composing techniques: axes, optical alignment, spacing, leading, hierarchy.

MAN Ying Ying, Nomi | WONG Kwan Chiu, Rachel | LAU Hoi Ching, Fion | HUNG Hoi Wing, Rachel | TANG Hoi Man, Moon | NG Chin Chin | WONG Sum To, Eunice | CHEUNG Lok Yi, Louie | WONG Ching Yiu, Yoyo | SO Wing Tung, Xenia