Design Competition Briefing - New Product Innovation: A story from the trenches in consumer electronics

Speaker: Janet Yuen, Head of Business Model Innovation and Market Development, Asia Pacific Digital at HSBC

Six months pregnant on a 16-hour flight from Seoul to Chicago for a design workshop, Janet has lived the reality of product innovation on the other side of school. In this talk she will share her experience of what design looks like from the front lines: market landscaping and strategic gap analysis leading to in-home user interviews on two sides of an ocean, distilled into high-impact, quantitatively validated use cases, socialised into no less than 12 different internal teams. A year and a half later, the product was launched and won an innovation award at Consumer Electronics Show in 2016. Join her to hear more and to find out about HSBC’ s upcoming design competition kicking off on 26 April 2016 where you are invited to pitch ideas and win up to HKD10,000 in cash prizes.

About the Speaker

Janet Yuen is passionate about identifying new growth opportunities where unmet user needs, strategic opportunities, and technological capabilities intersect.

She brings 12 years’ experience in B2B and B2C contexts, with extensive experience living and working internationally, to her role as Head of Business Model Innovation and Market Development, Asia Pacific Digital, HSBC, based in Hong Kong. There, she is responsible for driving digital growth strategies for the retail banking and wealth management division with a remit of 17 countries across Asia Pacific.

Prior to joining HSBC, she headed corporate strategy project teams analysing risk and growth issues on behalf of C-suite leaders at Samsung Electronics headquarters in Seoul, led PwC’s Firmwide Initiatives Team in marketing engagements including the Beijing Olympic Games, World Economic Forum Summer Davos, the APEC CEO Summit from Hong Kong, and reported on Canadian financial markets with Stockwatch from Vancouver.

Janet has an MBA from INSEAD and a BComm from the University of British Columbia. She has lived, studied and worked in Canada, China/Hong Kong, France, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea.