Material Talk: RE: think - The changing future for paper | Antalis X Jack Tung

The Material Resource Centre invited Antalis (Hong Kong) Ltd. to give the talk of “RE: think - The changing future for paper”. The speakers will share their insight in sustainability and their take on this topic as a paper manufacturer. The talk encompasses recycled paper, the application of sustainable materials in the printing industry, and how it can take up more sustainable responsibility. Graphic designer Jack Tung will share his valuable experience in using Antalis’s recycled paper in his design work. Register now and become part of our material talk.

Antalis is a company dedicated to creating opportunities for the printing industry by making paper with recycled materials. 


  • What is sustainable paper?
  • How to use the recycled material in paper industry
  • Packaging solutions
  • Fibre alternative
  • Case study sharing by Jack Tung
  • Q&A




Corinna Tam | Antalis (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Jack Tung | Designer


Man Tsang | Officer of Material Resource Centre, PolyU Design