MRC: New Arrivals 2018

1. Material ConneXion

From textiles made of discarded fishing lines and nets to a colorful new recycling process to grown carbon made from fungal biomass, new materials are live in our database. Get your update now.

2. Woolmark Corner 

Material Resource Centre collaborates with Woolmark to launch Woolmark WOOL LAB Corner!!!

The Wool Lab Autumn/Winter 2018/19 presents seven fashion-oriented themes, presenting a collection of the latest commercially available wool fabrics and yarns.

In addition, The Wool Lab Sport and The Wool Lab Denim will return this season, with the updated books featuring the latest innovations in knitting techniques and technical fabrics.

3. Sustainable 3D Printing

The “Guideline of Sustainable 3D Printing for Design” in MRC now.

The guideline aims to enable the designers to explore and practice through the demo of 3D printing’s result to anticipate what should be considered.

Please come to explore!!

4. New Local Material

●   Sensitile System from US ( HK Distributor )
●   Skypaper from China
●   Sunplastic Acrylic color sample from HK
●   Antalis New Paper Sample from HK
●   Lotic New Paper Sample from HK
●   Palight PVC foam from HK 

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