"Materials / Designers" Exhibition & Guided Tour 「物料/設計師」展覽及導賞

Slasher is an emerging term coined for those with multiple careers, referring to the numerous ‘slashes’ in their work title enumerating their different job abilities. The idea of slashing suggests that young people no longer confine themselves to a single position. Multiple careers allow them to pursue various interests and a more satisfactory work-life balance.

“Materials/Designers” reflects the idea of slashing by displaying designers’ liberating relationships with  different materials. The Material Resource Centre of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design (PolyU Design) invited seven young designers and alumni to create artwork for the exhibition. These designers achieved outstanding accomplishments and received numerous awards during their studies, and now, they have unleashed their potential in various fields of design. For this material-themed exhibition, each designer has produced artwork using a single material, from the traditional, including paper, Hong Kong reclaimed wood and acrylic, to new intelligent panels such as OLED and a biological agent, yeast. Each material has unique characteristics. Through the exhibition the Material Resource Centre hopes to show the designers’ insights into these materials, allowing visitors to understand their relationships and explore the materials’ possibilities.


Ada Chan
Industrial & Product Design, 2007
Winner of 2018 Wofoo Asian Award for Advancing Family Well-Being, 2018 A’Design Award & Competition, 2012 CIDP Top Student Award, 2011 TEDx25th Ward

Cindy Chan
Product Design, 2019
Most Outstanding PolyU Student of 2018

Elaine Chan
Communication Design, 2021
Winner of 2021 CreateSmart Young Design Talent Special Award

Chan Hei Shing
Visual Communication Design, 2006
Winner of 2006 YIC Young Design Talent Award, 2010 Swatch Young Illustrators Award, Merit Winner of 2013 HKDA Global Design Awards

Jonathan Mak
Visual Communication Design, 2013

Sara Ng
Communication Design, 2019
Winner of 2019 DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award, Finalist of 2017 DISH Logo Competition

Emily Tang
Industrial & Product Design, 2015
Winner of the 5th Spirit of Hong Kong Awards by SCMP, Innovating For Good Award September 2017, 2015 Create Smart Young Design Talent Special Award, Hong Kong League National Winner of 2015 James Dyson Award

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“Materials / Designers” Exhibition Sharing 「物料/設計師」展覽分享會 

vol.3 卷三 | 27 March 2023 6:00-7:00PM Online

vol.2 卷二 | 20 March 2023 6:30-7:30PM Online

vol.1 卷一 | 13 March 2023 6-7PM Online