Minor in Design Information Session (9 October 2017)

Minor in Design is now welcoming Year 2 & Year 3 4-year degree students of PolyU to apply! To get more information about this programme, please join this information session and feel free to ask questions!

Mr. Francis Hung, Discipline Leader (Advertising), BA(Hons) Scheme in Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Is this Minor in Design programme for you?

Design literally shapes culture, as it facilitates the adoption of technology by humans to benefit social development. Designers hence have the responsibility to argue for every design they produce in a way that is convincing, and to demonstrate how their work contributes to socially fair and culturally progressive transformations. A willingness to engage with social and cultural realities beyond consumer dynamics is paramount to today’s design practice. Potential applicants to the Minor in Design Programme need to realise the best asset of a project manager is his/her ability to discern value for the everyday, so as to improve people’s lives. If this describes you or who you want to be, the Minor in Design Programme is for you!

Details: http://bit.ly/sd_minor (PolyU Net ID Login required.)