MEDIA AND PERPLEXITY: Researching Roles for Design in 2014 by Heitor Alvelos

In this talk, Heitor Alvelos will argue that two key parallel and co-dependent concepts of contemporaneity are Euphoria and Panic: media-driven, neurological, subjective, ubiquitous and infinitely reconfigurable.

This is readily witnessed in both mainstream and participatory media, where the reiteration of freedom is challenged by the evident orthodoxy of its propositions for creative expression.

Creativity as Ideology, then. If design is to be of any relevance in 2014, how about we consider the role of mediation and emancipation from this duality?

PolyU Design Public Lecture - Heitor Alvelos

Heitor Alvelos
Doctorate Course Director,
Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto, Portugal

Prof Alvelos is a cultural operator, designer, sound carrier, media culture researcher. He earned a Ph.D from Royal College of Art (2003) and Master in Visual Communication from School of the Art Institute of Chicago (1992). He has pioneered the implementation of Design Research in Portugal, both as Member of the Scientific Board for Humanities and Social Sciences of the National Foundation for Science and Technology, as well as Director of ID+ (Institute for Research in Design, Media and Culture) on behalf of the University of Porto.

Since 2006 Alvelos has been developing R&D within the UTAustin-Portugal program for Digital Media, where he served as Outreach Program Director, and where he curates the FuturePlaces medialab for citizenship since 2008.

Since 2003, under the alias Autodigest, Alvelos has released a series of sound documents on various music labels (Ash International, Touch, Cronica Electronica, The Tapeworm). Collaborations include work with Jon Wozencroft, Fennesz, Biosphere, Lol Coxhill, Philip Marshall, Pangeia, Blaine L. Reininger, Bruce Geduldig, Len Massey, Max Eastley, Rafael Toral and BJNilsen, among others.

Alvelos was the Art Director for the editorial outcomes of Manobras no Porto and the editor of its monograph. He is also a singer/sound virus at the Stopestra music ensemble, and co-owns the random music label 333. His latest project is the weltschmerz icon Antifluffy.

His research interests currently gravitate towards participatory media, creative citizenship action and cultural criminology.

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