MDes Speakers Week: Jake Dyson

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Jake Dyson Limited
Jake Dyson

Jake Dyson studied Industrial Design at Central St. Martins, graduating 1994. Since then he has worked in the product design industry, gaining experience in engineering and manufacturing, establishing Jake Dyson Limited in 2002.

In contemporary lighting most designs are purely sculptural - form before function. However, Motorlight inventor, Jake Dyson believes lighting can be more functional and user-friendly, as well as being aestetically pleasing.

Jake Dyson - 'Lighting can be surprisingly limited: either spots, floods, uplighters or ambient. You make a choice and then you have to stick to it. So I set about developing a versatile and diverse light, which became Motorlight. It's functional and flexible - rooms can feel like they're lifting and breathing, or pinpointing a presice angle.'

Uplights have been neglected, both visually and functionally. They're either a simple tubular canister, or a metal dish top a long stem. Light angle is dictated by the light type - spot or flood. Choosing the right kind of light for any given situation can be unnecessarily confusing.

Motorlight is different.


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