Online Information Session - Master of Design

Online Information Sessions, held via Cisco WebEx, or Google Hangouts, aim to provide prospective students overseas an opportunity to virtually meet faculty teaching in the Master of Design (MDes) programmes. The event will offer a brief programme overview, followed by a live Q&A session.

Title PolyU International Design and Business Management (MDes) – Design-led Innovation: What difference will it make for business and Industry?
Schedule Nov 30, 8 PM – 9 PM (in HK Time)
Speakers Benny Leong, Specialism Leader, Assistant Professor; Dr. Jörn Bühring, Research Assistant Professor, Ignite Innovation Program Leader
Programme International Design and Business Management (MDes)
Target audience Prospective students of the following disciplinary background: Design, Business, Engineering, Technology, Humanites, Social Science, or related
Type Webinar
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Title Interaction Design in HK PolyU: A Multi-disciplinary Approach
Schedule Dec 13, 9 PM – 10 PM (in HK Time)
Speaker Dr. Kenny Chow, Specialism Leader, Associate Professor; Kesaven Palanisamy, Wallace Wong, Alumni, Interaction Design (MDes)
Programme Interaction Design (MDes)
Target Audience Prospective students of the following disciplinary background: Design, Communication, Information Technology, Software Engineering, Psychology, or related
Type Webinar
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Find out how you can broaden your career pathways with design education in Hong Kong, one of the best student cities in the world.

About Online Info Sessions

Faculty hosting the event will be teaching seminar or studio subjects, or supervising student's capstone projects. Discuss what you plan to achieve through study abroad and learn about how the programmes unfold, progress through the semesters.

Online info sessions is one of the channels to gain clarity about your desired education, and possibly one’s professional and personal development needs. If you travel to Hong Kong, we invite you to visit PolyU Design in person to experience our distinctive architecture and world-class facilities.

Rundown, Schedule and Registration

Questions can be submitted prior to the event while we’ll also take questions during the live event. Submitting questions in advance will help us to plan better.

Webinars, facilitated by our technical partner, uses Cisco WebEx which allows a larger group of audience. On the other hand, each Google Hangout session is limited to 6 persons at a time and priorities will be given to those who had requested info before or send in their questions in advance.