MDes Interaction Design Installation: INNO BUBBLES

Theme: Imperceptible Awareness

A project by Master of Design (Interaction Design) students

The project seeks to show student activity in the building through the
spinning of “innovation” bubbles hanging on each floor in the atrium
space. The goal of this exhibit is to bring awareness to what is not
normally perceptible. It seeks to let visitors know the ideas that are being
shared in the PolyU School of Design. The focal point of the interactive
environment is at the bottom of the atrium space in the Innovation Tower.

When there is activity in the main meeting space at the atrium, the three
large Brains centers light up, signalling that ideas are being shared.

Special thanks to

Michael Fox, Visiting Associate Professor, Principal FoxLin Architects
Christine Tsin, Senior Programme Manager
Sarah Kwok, Assistant Officer
Victor Zhang, Assistant Technical Officer