Masterpieces – Selected Master of Design student projects

This exhibition shows a variety of more than 25 projects from our Master of Design programmes. In the past 14 weeks, studios and seminars have invited students to explore current issues, and to apply analysis, design approaches and strategies relevant to opportunities for new user experiences:

Travelers’ in-flight experience
– Design Practices’ Value Strategies for China, led by Prof Tak Lee and Patrick Chan

Sustainable tourism in Colombia
Design Strategies’ The Consumer as Producer - Critical Trends in Consumer Culture and Product Development, led by Rémi Leclerc

Happiness machine 4.0: sustainable happiness for city dwellers, city-left behind children and their parents in China, lovers in long distance relationships and Indian working women
Interaction Design’s Concept Workshop, led by Aaron Marcus

Reduction of the consumption of energy and mobile, dog-friendly travel experience on public transport
Interaction Design’s Graduate Studio I, led by Dr Huaxin Wei

“Bring your own” 
International Design and Business Management’s Integrated Essentials, led by Benny Leong, Prof Howard Davies, Dr Clifford Choy

Central’s pedestrian elevated walkway
Urban Environments Design’s The City from Inside, led by Laurent Gutierrez

Informal settlement in Kowloon, understanding IFC area as an ecological system, Longgang community’s urban root-seeking program, migrant workers and their needs
Urban Environments Design’s Capstone Project, led by Prof Tim Jachna and Peter Hasdell

A common ground for inspiration, managing design resources, sharing behaviour
Design Practices and Interaction Design’s core research subject, Research and Analysis for Design, led by Peter Chuah

Under each specialism, studio or seminar introduces a different set of methods and tools. Respectively, these methods and tools form the essential attributes in managing design as a competitive strategy, whether it is in the field of Interaction Design or Urban Environments Design.

Some of these projects might be a beginning of the more thoroughly explored capstone projects when the study concludes in less than a year’s time from now. We invite you to engage with our students if you are interested to collaborate or contribute to any of the issues in some way. Feel free to connect our students through the School’s website at

For those who are interested to know more about our programmes and to meet our faculty members of the Master of Design Scheme, they are welcome to join our on-campus Information Session on 11 Jan 2014 (Sat) at 2:30 at Lecture Theatre V322, Jockey Club Innovation Tower, PolyU. Please visit the event webpage for further information and registration (


Participating programmes
Design Practices
Design Strategies
Interaction Design
International Design and Business Management
Urban Environments Design

MDes Students
Design Practices
Jofil Angelo Agrupis, Julius Bolinas, Yaya Chen, Daniel Feng, Winter Ge, Randy Kadarman, Jimmy Lam, Paddy Li, Patrick Mok, Simon Xia, Xi Yang
Design Strategies                                                                         
Maria Paula Salazar
Interaction Design
Tanmaya Deshpande, Quincey Dong, Woody Geng, Arno He, Huan Liu, Sunnie Li, Allison Lau, Akela Lo, Michelle Ma, Chhavi Oswal, Vivian Peng, Tommy Quek, Riddhi Shah, Ankita Sinha, Sophia Tang, Fred Wen, Elaine Zhong
International Design and Business Management
Anasol Acero, Alan Auyeung, Helen Chen, Zongjie Dai, Wayne Duan, Selma Li, Annie Li, Christopher Liao, Joe Lin, Jason Liu, Anna Liu, Miki Liu, Queena Liu, Vladimir Liu, Maris Ma, Manuel Pardo, Charul Shah, Kerfegar Shroff, Karishma Sujan, JT Tan, Jessico Tong, Rachel Wang, Cindy Wang, Danielle Yang, Sunnie Zhang, Maggie Zhou, Shirley Zhou, Emma van der Veen
Urban Environments Design
Hugo Huang, Katherine Zou, Tahn Dong, Sylvie Hu, Conlin Li, Zen Zhang