Let's Build Something (Really) Big Together


  1. 25 Sep 2015 to 2 Oct 2015 - Open for sign-up to the event
  2. 26 Sep 2015 to 28 Sep 2015 - Workshop on StrawBees
  3. 3 Oct 2015 - Meeting with teams to confirm on the proposal and define plans on support
  4. 10 Oct 2015 to 21 Nov 2015 - Consultation and sharing sessions
  5. 28 Nov 2015 to 29 Nov 2015 - Exhibit/Demonstrate/Perform in Maker Faire Hong Kong 2015


This event aims at bringing together students from primary and secondary schools to build something big with simple materials (e.g. cardboard, sticks, pvc tubes, ropes) and/or construction kits (e.g. StrawBees, MakeDo, Lego, MegaBlok). These "big things" will be exhibited, show-cased and/or performed in the Maker Faire Hong Kong 2015.

Let's see some examples of these "big things" included:

- A 5 meter tall MakerFaire Robot in StrawBees, and may have moving parts as well [View]

- A fire dragon (may be based on the one from Tai Hang fire Dragon Dance) in StrawBees, fit with LEDs which flashes while dancing. [View]

- A character costume with animated parts. For example, Minion [View], Iron Man [View] and KitRex [View]

- A tensegrity structure. For example, a tensegrity buggy ball [View]

Schools or groups can suggest what they want to build, and we will provide advice and support on design and technology. In fact, we are looking for more creative ideas than above!

These "big things" will be voted by visitors and under-covered judges to the Maker Faire Hong Kong 2015, and prizes will be given to those impressive and popular ones.

Join our event [Register Here] 


Each team must have at least half of the members being students from primary or secondary schools. We encourage teachers, parents and other advisors/instructors to participate in the team as well. However, we expect students should pay substantial efforts toward making the "big things". 

The maximum number of members in a team is 20.


- Certificate of Participation for members of each team who successfully exhibit/demonstrate/perform its "big things" during Maker Faire Hong Kong 2015
- Most Impressive Things (Visitors Choice) for those "big things" which are most impressive, as voted by visitors
- Most Impressive Things (Judge's Choice) for those "big things" which are most impressive from under-covered judge roaming around Maker Faire Hong Kong 2015 at random time
- Best Show-and-Tell (Judge’s Choice) for those teams which best show-and-tell their work, as given by under-covered judge roaming around Maker Faire Hong Kong 2015 at random time


Your team's creative work may be presented in a number of ways during Maker Faire Hong Kong 2015:
- Part of a parade
- Part of an on-stage performance
- A cat-walk show
In fact, we are looking forward to discuss with you on the best way to present your creative work - it is limited only by your imagination.