Distinguished Lecture: Superpromoters and the dynamics of enthusiasm by Rijn Vogelaar

In this lecture, Mr. Rijn Vogelaar will present the theory described in his books “The Superpromoter” and The Enthusiasm Trilogy: “Flame. Flow, Flood”. Superpromoters are customers who are enthusiastic, share their enthusiasm and influence others. He will explain how you can find, understand and support these customers and what the effects are on employee motivation and revenue growth. The Enthusiasm Trilogy: "Flame, Flow, Flood" is about the dynamics of enthusiasm in organization and its effect on strategy, innovation, customer relations, employee motivation and marketing. 

The lecture is organised by PolyU IAEE and School of Design. It is open to all. Registration is required.

About the Speaker

Rijn Vogelaar
Founder of The Superpromoter Academy;
Author of The Superpromoter, on the power of enthusiasm

Rijn Vogelaar is founder of The Superpromoter Academy and author of different books on the dynamics of enthusiasm. The Superpromoter became an international bestseller and has now been published in 3 languages (English, German and Dutch). Multinationals like Microsoft, Heineken and Philips (see example) are working with the Superpromoter concept, create programmes to support these customers and help them share their enthusiasm.

Rijn Vogelaar was born in the Netherlands. He studied social psychology and psychological Methodology at the University of Amsterdam and Leeds University (UK). Rijn Vogelaar is the former CEO of Blauw Research, an international market research agency with 120 employees in the Netherlands, England and Germany. In 2009 he published his book “The Superpromoter, on the power of enthusiasm”. In 2013 he left Blauw and founded the Superpromoter Academy to study the dynamics of enthusiasm, spread the theory and help organizations to implement. In 2014 he published the Enthusiasm Trilogy; Flame, Flow & Flood in Dutch. The first parts of the trilogy, Flame & Flood are also available in English. Flood will be published in English by the end of this year.

Rijn is now an international public speaker and works with a network of companies to implement his ideas. He also organizes a two-day course: the Superpromoter Academy (SPA) both Internationally (India, UK, Germany, Denmark) and Inhouse for different companies.

“I sincerely believe that steering a course towards enthusiasm has a positive impact on the way we treat each other. If we understand these dynamics, it has considerable consequences for the way we arrange and run organisations. Work becomes more enjoyable, gives deeper satisfaction and has greater value for the surroundings. Companies that operate on enthusiasm not only become more successful, but also more client-oriented and they start behaving in a more socially responsible manner. Mistrust in companies and the government disappears because there is quite simply no reason for it any more. Accordingly, I believe the world becomes a better place if we take enthusiasm as our guiding principle.”


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