Visiting Professor’s Talk on Jerusalem and Israel, with a SD Student’s Sharing

All SD students are welcome.

Topic: The magic of Israel -- 8000, 80, and 8 years....

Speaker: Prof Yesha Sivan, Executive Director of The Coller Institute of Venture at Tel Aviv University Coller School of Management, and Visiting Professor at PolyU Design

Reason: Student exchange to Bezalel / Jerusalem

Student for sharing: Zero Lai, a Year 3 AD student at PolyU Design, will share her experience in Jerusalem and Israel in Feb 2016, as she and another AD student visited Israel as members of a Global Youth Leadership training group organized by PolyU.

A short bio of Prof Sivan can be found at and his blog at

* This event is sponsored by a funding that we PolyU School of Design, chosen as the sole representative of PolyU, won from "the Funding Scheme for Exchange in Belt and Road Countries". This funding will also pay for about a half of the expenses of a "Cultural Exchange Tour of Jerusalem / Israel" for a total of 15 students from PRD and E+1 in December 2016, with Fred Han and Daniel Elkin being the Liaison Officers of this Tour.  We all thank the Home Affairs Bureau and the Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education for this generous funding.