The 22nd International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA2016 Hong Kong)

Cultural Revolution

ISEA2016 Hong Kong 香港 will take place from Monday 16 to Sunday 22 May 2016. The seven-day programme will feature a conference, keynotes, exhibitions, workshops, performances, public and satellite events, and optional tours and site visits.

Keynote Speakers:
Benjamin Bratton (US)
Pierre Cassou-Noguès (FR)
Shu Lea Cheang (TW/US/FR)
Natalie Jeremijenko (US)

Keynote Panel:
Luc Courchesne (CA)
Masaki Fujihata (JP)
Jeffrey Shaw (HK)
moderated by Caroline Ha Thuc (HK)

Detailed programme will be announced in late April.

16 May (Monday) – 17 May (Tuesday)
Innovation Tower, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
o   Workshop sessions
o   Public events & exhibition opening receptions


18 May (Wednesday) – 21 May (Saturday)
Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, City University of Hong Kong
o   Multi-track conference sessions & keynotes
o   Symposium grand opening & Juried Exhibition opening reception
o   Performances, off-site events, receptions


22 May (Sunday)
Social programme
o   Social events, public events and excursions in Hong Kong

Electronic media exemplifies the dual meaning of revolution: to always create new while returning to the old. In this dynamic, where multiple centers and margins compete for attention, and borders to be transgressed are shifting, paradigms and practices must be replaced, repackaged and re-appropriated to keep up with the parallel evolutions in art, creativity, culture, society, and politics.

Topics of ISEA2016 Hong Kong 香港

The New Geopolitics of (Art-)Making: D.I.Y. Ontologies & (De)institutionalization
Game Over - Play Again Y/N
The Animal and the Technological: Para/Post-Human Paradoxes
Massless: Liquid E-Occupy
Code, Language, Network, Politics
Noise Contra Signal
Biopolitics/biopower: Genetics (G), Nanotechnology (N) and Robotics (R)
New Media and Cultural Heritage


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