Studio Exhibition (10/F): Invisible Logic (Residential Design) by ph. Lab

Our alumni Mr Ng Chunk Him and Miss Tang Ka Po Po (Environment and Interior Design, 2012) teamed up and grabbed the A’Design Award Silver Award and IDA design award  honourable mention by the residential design project - Invisible Logic.

They believe the observation of how users modifying a space and the research of site context are the most important contact for spatial design. They dedicated to explore design with the thoughtful detail.

Most of the Hongkongers are facing the situation of limited squeezed space in any kind. This project keened to improve the living environment and the spatial quality as an immediate response and to develop a solution for compact living as long term. By minimizing the daily equipment, Him and Po towards built a spacious and concise environment within a small flat for a family of 4 adults. They improved the clients’ living quality while improving the spatial design. They believe insight of wisely utilising a space and combining users’ behaviours would be success in any kind of spatial design in Hong Kong.