'Urban Projections in Paper — Italo Calvino's INVISIBLE CITIES' Exhibition

The BA(Hons) in Environment and Interior Design year 3 students showcase the outcomes of Project 1 for the Spring Semester.

The project uses an old text — Italo Calvino’s INVISIBLE CITIES — that describes cities in various settings and scenarios. In this the students were asked to interpret one narrative in the text and translate these ideas using only paper. The various ways of conceptualising as well as materialising the ideas through folding, cutting, laminating and layering reframes how the city is understood. Each student group was asked to use 1.5 x 2.5 meters of surface space to show their design ideas. The proposal made here is to exhibit these white paper products in either hanging as floor surface products. They are made out of various pieces of paper.

Evonne Tam
Melissa Cate Christ
Horace Pan
Sjoerd Hoekstra
Gerhard Bruyns (Coordinator)