International Speaker Series – Tony Fry

Event Date/ Time/ Venue Audience
Design Lecture:
"Design and the Other Economy"
13 Apr (Mon)
1:45 – 3:00 PM
V1101, 11/F
SD Staff & Students
Public Lecture: 
"Politics of Design in Asia"
15 Apr (Wed)
5:30 – 7:00 PM
V322, Lecture Theatre, 3/F
SD & General Public
The Risk workshop 16 Apr (Thu)
9:30 AM – 2:30 PM
V1101, 11/F
SD Staff & Students

HK PolyU International Speaker Series - Tony Fry - Lectures and Workshop

Tony Fry is a designer, design and cultural theorist, educator and author. He is principal of the newly created The Studio at the Edge of the World, Adjunct Professor, Griffith University, and a contributing editor of the e-journal Design Philosophy Papers. He was Professor, Design Futures, Griffith University (2007-14), has held positions at several universities and visiting professorships and fellowships at universities in Australia, Asia, Europe and in North and South America. As a consultant Tony Fry has worked the areas of design, sustainability and futures for the corporate sector and government. He is the author of twelve books, most recently: City Future in the Age of a Changing Climate was published in late 2014; Design and the Question of History, jointly authored with Clive Dilnot and Susan Steward: and, Steel: A Design, Cultural and Ecological History, jointly authored with Anne-Marie Willis both published in early 2015. Currently he is working on a commissioned book on Remaking Cities, based on the concept of ‘Metrofitting’.

Lecture #1: "Design and the Other Economy"

The current global economy is based on the proposition of a necessity of continued economic growth. Yet we all live as finite beings on a planet of finite resources, albeit that we human beings are very inventive. Nonetheless, the implication of believing in economic perpetual motion is that the future of our species, and others, is being sacrificed for the increasingly hyper-consumerist present. There has to be another way, and this presentation will examine an example of such thinking together with the role design can play in its advancement.


* This lecture is open to academic staff, PhDs, researchers and Masters students in SD.

Lecture #2: "Politics of Design in Asia"

What is ‘politics of design’? How should Asia be now become understood? Opening with these questions the presentation will first explore how a politics of design in Asia was historically constituted followed by how it is now currently understood in unfolding critical circumstances. The aim is to bring the current direction into serious question and thereafter put forward a case for change. In so doing a major transformation of the political power of design will be argued – this as a means to advance viable and enduring futures.


* This lecture is open to PolyU community and general public who is interested in this topic.

The Risk workshop

Tony Fry The Risk Workshp

We all live in a world where risk is becoming more complex and pervasive. Because the way risks are now overlapping the particular methods employed by disciplines understand them are now inadequate. This will be shown by a comprehensive review of risks and how they are increasing inter-connecting. However, before doing this two case studies of how risk can be addressed by design will be presented.


* This workshop is open to academic staff, PhDs, researchers and Masters students in SD. 
* Seats are limited. If registrations for this workshop exceed its capacity, priorities will be given to academic staff, then to PhDs/ researchers and Masters students.