Information Session - Design Strategies (MDes) September 2019 Entry


  1. 6:30 – 6:40 PM Registration
  2. 6:40 – 7:20 PM Programme Introduction
  3. 7:20 – 7:30 PM Q&A

Design Strategies
, a two years part-time Master of Design programme launched in 2004 and rated as one of the World’s 30 Best Design Thinking Programs by BusinessWeek, is recognised for its vision and relevancy to prepare students’ professional development in the quickly changing environments. With the history dated back to its predecessor MA in Design in the 90s, the programme is grounded in the belief of higher education to benefit for the development of the profession (moving from service to knowledge production) and for the society at large.

Why Design Strategies

User-experience designer, service designer, business designer, chief experience officer, are some of the new design related positions meeting new markets, new business models and value network that emerged from the digital innovation and disruptive technology such as big data, artificial intelligence (AI), biotechnology and 5G connectivity among others.

The outcome of design has moved from products to services and ecosystems. While design development and management have transformed into more strategic and process-based, designers and managers seek to work across disciplines and think across time, delivering different key design value than before.

The programme, therefore, is intended to bring designers and managers new skills, new ideas and a deeper understanding of business and technology so that they can be advantaged in the technology- and knowledge-based economy.

Local students and expats, together with non-local students drawn to this programme's unique offering from other parts of the world and from closeby Asian cities who travel to attend classes on weekends, form a close-knit network of professionals who understand design the same at a strategic level but come with differing perspectives and experiences, to share and cross-pollinate ideas. The student group is different every year.

Intended Audience

The programme is intended for both design and non-design professionals with solid working experience in or related to the areas of design, such as communication, brand management, production, marketing, engineering or teaching. Those who are considering becoming entrepreneurs, taking one more responsibility for design-led business development, or translating new technology into designed experience and practical applications will benefit from this programme.

Information Session

Meet Master of Design Scheme Leader Prof Laurent Gutierrez, students and admission staff in this seminar. Q&A will follow after the programme introduction by faculty.