Studio Exhibition - Interactive Media

SD4763 Co-operative Project by BA (Hons) in Interactive Media – Final Year

Aims of the subject

With the latest advances in real-time interactive multimedia technologies, design artifacts involving interaction between humans and computational devices have become pervasive. These interactive media artifacts provide novel experiences that are the feats of new generation designers who are not only aware of human needs and community values, but also capable of mastering a variety of design tools in the field of human-computer interaction.

The aim of this program is to nurture this kind of emergent designer, one who possesses a strong humanistic mindset and the technological know-how to embody ideas in design artifacts in a way that enables users to make meaning of an interactive and dynamic experience.

The objectives of project-based subjects are to give students hands-on experience through the design and creation processes and to facilitate their internalization and embodiment of knowledge. In this particular co-operative project, students are introduced to real clients from NGOs or the commercial sector. They co-operate with these clients to gain actual experience of briefing, pitching, scheduling, negotiating, team-building, and working to deadlines.