Gallery Exhibition (podium) - The Past & Possible Futures


  1. 23 Sep 3PM Opening Ceremony //
  2. 24 Sep - 30 Sep; Foyer Gallery, Gallery A to C - IDSHK Anniversary Design Exhibition //
  3. 24 Sep - 30 Sep: Gallery D - Inner Garden Exhibition //

IDSHK 15th Anniversary Design Exhibition

This is an exhibition held by Industrial Designers Society of Hong Kong (IDSHK). It is a great honor to have international well-known Architect & Designer, Mr. Chi Wing LO exhibiting his latest works with IDSHK Anniversary Design Exhibition. It is sure a remarkable year with Exhibition.

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CHI WING LO - "Inner Garden" Exhibition at Innovation Gallery D

IDSHK 15th Anniversary Design Exhibition at Foyer Gallery, Gallery A-C 


< Public Lecture >

A Public Lecture by Honorable Guest Speaker Mr. Chi Wing LO: 
Date & Time: 
23.9.2017 (Saturday), 4:30PM–6PM 
Venue: V322, Lecture Theatre

"The Future of Internet of Things (IoT) and How User Experience (UX) can transform Your Business & Career"
SpearkerElaine Ann
Date & Time: 29.9.2017 (Friday), 7PM-9PM 
VenueV322, Lecture Theatre
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"Digital Concept Visualization - The Interactive Use of Adobe Creative Cloud & Wacom Tablet for Concept Realization"
Spearker: Mr. Andrew Lee (Design Manager and Acclaimed Concept Artist)
Date & Time: 6.10.2017(Friday), 6:45PM – 9:00PM
Venue: V322, Lecture Theatre
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