i.do Summer Workshop

The i-do project brings design teams from different countries together for a six week long summer workshop focused on a global design issue. Four students and one tutor from the top design schools and hotel programs in Hong Kong and The Netherlands will work on the following project.


Developments especially in China have a great impact on the hospitality industry as the numbers of business travelers and tourists increase. Despite much negative environmental impact many more people are traveling worldwide and for diverse reasons. The changing demographics put new demands on the way hotel facilities and services are designed. This project will investigate the demands and devise new design concepts for the future.

Project 'hospitality':
The topic this year is focused on Hospitality: “The changing demographics for Hotel stay and how that might impact the design of the hotel accommodations and services”.

Workshop Outline:
This year students will work in multi disciplinary teams during the six weeks summer workshop. It will take place in Hong Kong and China (three weeks) for an indepth research phase and The Netherlands (three weeks) for concept generation and development. There will be four groups of up to six students each working on the demographic defined and researched in first phase.



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